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Youth of the Year Program

Jeffrey Reyes

Youth of the Year Nominee

Jeffrey Reyes and Christopher Walsh
Youth of the Year Winners

Jeffrey Reyes has been a Boys & Girls Club of Garfield member for six and a half years. He first began as a member of the Club's summer program and now volunteers as a junior staff member. When he was younger, Jeffrey played basketball and baseball at the club. He continues to help the Coaches Association by setting up for games, manning the scoreboard, or helping his father coach during games or practices. He is also an active member of the Keystone Club and serves as Vice President this year. Jeffrey could not imagine his life without the Boys & Girls club of Garfield, and has become an integral part of the Boys & Girls Club family. He volunteers at as many Club events as possible, including Day for Kids, Breakfast with Santa, and Family Fun Night. In the community, Jeffrey has been involved with Relay for Life, the NJ State Little League tournament, GIS community asset mapping and Elks Lodge events. He is also a member of Antlers at the Elks Lodge. After high school, he aspires to attend college in Florida and pursue a career in sports medicine.

Christopher Walsh

Youth of the Year Nominee

Christopher Walsh has been a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Garfield since he was 7 years old. He excelled in the sports program and credits his involvement for molding him into a leader, a more effective communicator, a well rounded individual and a better athlete. Though he no longer competes at the Club, he continues to volunteer and coach younger members. This year marks his first as a Keystone member, and he received the privilege of representing the Club at the 2011 National Keystone Conference in Orlando, FL. As a young member, he is quickly establishing himself as a leader amongst his peers. This candidate is a freshman at Garfield High School and is a new member of the freshman and junior varsity baseball team. After high school, he aspires to pursue a career working with animals.

Glorisell Pena

Buddy of the Year

Glorisell Pena is a 1st grade student from Woodrow Wilson School #5. This is her first year attending the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield After School Program. She says that other than doing her homework, her favorite part about the Club is the Art Room. She really enjoys mixing colors, doing different art projects and helping Miss Sarah. Recently, she planted flowers at school for senior citizens to take home. When asked what the Club means to her, she stated that it is a third home to her. Her mom moved her and siblings to New Jersey for a chance of a better education. At the Club, this youth found a place to be safe, to share her feelings, and to make new friends. Happy and outgoing, Glorisell is always willing to help counselors and other members.


Irene Brown, Heather Tosto-Locke, Todd Vanderpool
Junior of the Year

Heather Tosto-Locke

Junior of the Year

Heather Tosto-Locke is an 8th grader who has been a loyal member of the Boys and Girls Club of Garfield for four years being a part of the middle school and summer programs. Heather is a well-rounded student and a pleasure to have as a member of the club. A gifted singer, she participated in the first annual Young Pretenders talent show and gave an unforgettable performance singing Miley Cyrus, ‘The Climb.’ “I began singing since I’ve been able to talk,” she cheerfully states and aspires to be a finalist on the popular show American Idol someday. She is a competitive athlete who loves to participate in any type of gym activities ranging from basketball to speedball. She currently plays softball and was an avid cheerleader for the middle school for two years. An outgoing individual, she enjoys spending time with friends and is always enthusiastic about anything new coming her way. When asked what the Boys and Girls club meant to her, she said she values the guidance of homework help provided by the staff, the importance of teamwork demonstrated by the staff and fellow peers, and the positive relationships she has formed. She describes the Club in two words, ‘educational and FUN.”

Irene Brown, Javier Diaz, Todd Vanderpool
Sportsman of the Year

Javier Diaz

Sportsman of the Year

Javier Diaz is a 5th grader from Roosevelt School #7. At the club, he has played basketball and baseball for three years and flag football for one year. In his essay on what the club means to him, this sportsman speaks about the Club helping youth become leaders. He says that the Club will push you to your limit, but will not give up on you so you should not give up on yourself. He believes that if you want to achieve your goal, you should try your hardest.




Irene Brown, Xavier Diaz, Todd Vanderpool
Sportsman of the Year


Sportsman of the Year

Xavier Diaz is a 5th grader at Roosevelt School #7. He has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for three years participating in basketball, baseball, and flag football. In his essay "What the Club Mean to Me," he states that the Club is a place where kids can be creative and have fun. It is a place for him to meet new friends, play sports and learn responsibility, teamwork and sportsmanship. He hopes that the other youth can also have the awesome experiences he has had here at the Club.

Irene Brown, Jorge Salas, Todd Vanderpool
Sportsman of the Year

Jorge Salas

Sportsman of the Year

Jorge Salas is a 6th grade student at Garfield Middle School.  He enjoys school and his favorite subject is Math.  Some of his hobbies include playing sports, especially soccer, watching TV, listening to dance music, and hanging out with his friends at the Boys & Girls Club.  He attends the 21st Century Learning Center program at the Middle School and he says that he enjoys doing his homework during the Power Hour because the counselors and teachers give him help.  Jorge says that the Boys & Girls Club teaches him how to be responsible in life and to focus on getting good grades.  When he grows up, Jorge wants to become a professional soccer player.

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