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The Boys Club was started in 1959 by several citizens interested in the youth of Garfield.  It was located in the basement of School #1 on Commerce Street.  Programs included archery, boxing, arts & crafts and gym activities.

Two of the founders of the Club are now members of the Ambassador Club and were members of the Board of Trustees until 2010

In 1969 a new club was built on vacant land on Midland Avenue.  The new building had a large game room, gym, wrestling program, arts & crafts, archery and weight room.

An Olympic size pool was built in 1977 which provided swim lessons and a swim team.

In 1988 the Coaches Association was started to provide a youth buddy baseball league which has since expanded to include flag football volleyball and basketball.

In 1989 we became the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield.

In 2000 a computer room was designed to bring our club into the technology area.  With new Computers donated by the NBA in 2010 the Club continues to upgrade in the area of technology and ensure that the members receive the appropriate education in this area.

In 2007 the Pathways to Success program was started to provide after-school services to Garfield Middle School for 45 children.

In 2010 the Club received an annual $534,245 grant  (5 years) from the Department of Education to begin a 21st Century Community Learning Center at Garfield Middle School.

Also in 2010 the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield took over the responsibility of running the Garfield Junior Boilermaker Football program

In 2011 the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield chartered a second location as the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield at Garfield Middle School.

In 2012 the Club recived a Gold Impact Award for the largest increase in Average Daily Attendance (ADA) in the Northeast!!


The Boys & Girls Club of Garfield is one of two Clubs in New Jersey to have a National Youth of the Year winner. In 1977….click here to read more.