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Board of Trustees

Volunteer Leadership
The Boys & Girls Club of Garfield is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board's responsibilities are: Trusteeship; Strategic Planning; Policy and Evaluation; Resource Development and Oversight.

The Board is the active governing body of the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield.  It is responsible for all Club actions, from protecting the mission to ensuring public accountability.

The Board works with the CEO to set the direction and plan for the future of the Club.

Policy and Evaluation
The Board is responsible for establishing policies that govern the Club's daily operations.

Resource Development and Oversight
The Board assists in raising money for the Club.

Board Members

Anna Sciacca

Vice President Resource Development
John Reilly

Vice President of Finance and Oversight
Allan Tepper

Vice President Board Development
John Easom

Krystle Barcza

Past President 
Lou Ann Visotcky

Michael Alfonso
Chris Annibal
Robert Benanti
Councilman Frank Calandriello
City Manager Thomas Duch, Esq.
John Fitzpatrick
Eric Johnson
Rosalind Piazza
Sue Scudillo
Todd Williams                                                                     															     
Zvonko Veskov


Ambassador Club

Dr. Charles Bonnano

Helen Choma
Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Jeff Stewart
Charles Kohout
James Krone
Darleen Reveille